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Summer updates from Poland

On the picture to the left Svein, Fredrik and me are having coffee in the old town of Lublin. On the picture to the right Fredrik is ministering to the poor and homeless during Street Church’ Friday meeting.

In the beginning of this summer we had Fredrik Skoglund visit us again and we had a great time, both ministering and connecting.

The first part of this summer was a very busy time for us. As an ending to the Bible school we had a conference, we had started up the Encounter meetings again, weekly gatherings with the International church, picking up and delivering food for Street Church and working on building the Polish church we started last year.

But it is a blessing to be able to use time and focus on building the Kingdom of God and we are thankful to be able to serve the King.


One of the ladies attending the Bible school is a Polish lady living in Wien. Every third weekend she have been driving from Wien to Poland to attend the teaching and it’s been very inspiring to to see her commitment.

On the picture to the left you se me (Ronald), Sebastian, Kamilla, Kasia and Ewa. On the picture to the right you see Ewa in the back and some of the people helping her with the café they call "Der Wendepunkt". This is the outreach they are doing for the poor and homeless.

She has a network of other Polish people living in Wien and God has put on her heart to start a fellowship for these people. So Kasia, the kids and me took a trip to see the work she was doing and encourage the fellowship there.

She had already, for several years, had an outreach in the city for the poor and homeless. Every week she and others would make food for them, spend time listening to their stories and share the Gospel with them. Kind of the same as we do with the Street Church here in Lublin.

During our stay there we first had a seminar for the people in the church about our identity in Christ, then we had a gathering with the core group in the church and after that we joined them for their “Street Church”.


Back home in Lublin, our Polish church and the Hosanna Church (who is the initiators behind the Street Church project) had decided to join forces during the summer time.

During the summer months many are traveling to different places, so most churches experience a decline in attendance. On top of that the leaders also need a summer break, so we decided to join our resources together. This made it possible for both churches to continue the Sunday meetings during the summer months and since we could draw on each others resources, me and Kasia have been able to have a two week holiday to Norway.


Back home in Lyngdal we could relax and at the same time connect with the church I helped start before we moved to Denmark. They have been experiencing quite a revival the last 6 months and it was wonderful to see the church full of new faces.

During our vacation in Norway I was preaching in the church and we had one seminar about evangelism. We also got to share with the church how the work here in Poland was going and face to face thank them for all the prayer and support they have been giving.

BACK IN POLAND (but not for long)

As I’m writing this we have just gotten back to Poland again, but in a few days we are on the road again – going to Denmark.

This time we will not have such a long trip to Denmark, because summer vacation is soon over for the children. But we will visit the church in Ikast and one fellowship in Aarhus.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you that are praying for us and are following the work we are doing. God is doing many good things in Europe and let us together pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send out His workers.

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