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"Grace Night" in Lublin

The worship from ICFL leading worship during "Grace Night"
ICFL worship

In recent years, towards the end of summer, we have organized something we call "Grace Night," a large street meeting in the center of Lublin. We have experienced God's favor over this event and have received permission from the city council to set up a stage right in the middle of the city at the best time. This also makes it much easier to attract people. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that there were at least around 700 people there.

Back After Vacation

It's already been over a month since we returned from Norway, and when we got home, there was a lot that needed to be done. Even before we returned to Lublin, we had started preparations for "Grace Night," and when we got back, there were many loose ends that needed to be tied up. But one by one, the pieces fell into place.

The plan was to hold three street meetings in a row, as we had the time slot from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM available. First, the international congregation would handle a program. The challenge here was that almost the entire worship team was away due to work. But we managed to put together a team, and some of those who were out of town for work came back just before the event.

After the international congregation, we had a program in Ukrainian, where I spoke (and was interpreted into Ukrainian), and a worship team from a Ukrainian congregation provided the music. Finally, the Polish congregation had a program where a Polish evangelist spoke.

Many people stopped and listened for a long time, and there were also several who reacted to what was being preached. As it got darker, more and more young people started to gather. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that there were at least around 700 people there. The number was probably even higher if you include the entire area, as the place we were at is one of the most central in the city.

Summer Mode

Both in the Polish and the international congregations, there has been a sort of "summer mode" throughout August. Children here don't start school until September, and international students don't start until October.

This has resulted in fewer participants in the meetings, and we have had a somewhat reduced program compared to usual. But now we notice that people are starting to come back, and we also see that some new students are arriving. During September, we expect to see even more new faces.

As a community, we don't just want to say goodbye when some students are finished; we also want to send them off with more than just an education. Therefore, at the end of August, we had a 'sending-off Sunday,' where we prayed for and blessed those who had completed their education this year. In the picture, you see some of those whom we prayed for and blessed.

When October comes, we have several things planned. It's shaping up to be an exciting fall, and I believe God is going to do amazing things. In the Polish congregation, several of the young people have also started taking on more responsibility. It's incredibly gratifying to see how new leaders are being equipped through being given responsibility and opportunities.


As a family, we are also entering a new season. Kamilla has now finished at the school where Kasia works and has started at an art high school. Switching to a new school and making new friends can be both fun, exciting, and challenging. Fortunately, the transition has gone incredibly well; she has fit right in with new friends in the class and is doing excellently.

Kasia is thriving at work, Kamilla has settled well into the new school, and Sebastian is also very socially active. As a family, we are therefore experiencing a good time and believe that God has much good in store for us in the time to come.

We haven't planned much travel this fall, but I will be going on a couple of trips that I will write more about later.

Thank you to those who pray and support!

Let me conclude by expressing special thanks to those who stand with us, either in prayer or financially. It means a lot to us, and we know that much of what we see God doing is thanks to the prayer support we have. Psalm 127:1 reminds us that "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain." This is so important to remember so that we do not rely on ourselves, but on the Lord who gives strength and power.

May God bless you abundantly!

— Kasia & Ronald Gabrielsen :-)

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