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Short bio:

Ronald Gabrielsen is a Norwegian missionary living in Poland. He's married to Kasia, who is Polish and together they have two children names Kamilla and Sebastian

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About Ronald Gabrielsen

Ronald is a Norwegian, living as a missionary in Poland, together with my wife (Kasia) and two children (Kamilla and Sebastian. Before coming to Poland me and my wife where missionaries in Denmark for 10 years, working with evangelism and church planting.

Short history

Ronald grew up in Norway in a Christian family who had been very involved in mission even before he was born. He spent his first 3-4 years in Kenya, where his parents were missionaries, but grew up in Norway. 

Most of his life Ronald has been very involved in church and mission work, and early in his life he knew that God had called him intro the ministry. In 2002 he started to travel with a mission organization called Euromission, playing bass at their crusades. Quickly he also started to preach and after some time he also met his wife Kasia through this mission. 

Right after getting married Ronald and Kasia moved to Denmark where they worked as missionaries for about 10 years. Their years there their main focus was evangelism and church planting and they also pastored two different churches there.

The last years they where in Denmark they developed a close friendship with a church called The Jesus Fellowship (Jesusfelleskapet) in Bergen, Norway. This church had for some years carried a vision for starting a missions work in Europe. When Ronald and Kasia started to talk about moving to Poland the church decided to support them and this was the launch of a new missions network called Nations Calling.

In 2014 they moved to Poland and started the first Nations Calling base, working with evangelism and church planting in Poland. During the years in Poland they have been involved in church planting, Bible school in both Poland and Hungry, facilitating missions teams and evangelism.

Besides the work in Europe Ronald is also frequently traveling to Africa. During his trips to Africa the focus is leadership training and equipping local believers to effectively preach the Gospel like we see it preached in the book of Acts. One of the main goals is encouraging local believers to reach the unreached people groups in their own countries.

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