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Ronald and Kasia Gabrielsen are missionaries in Poland. Ronald is Norwegian, and Kasia is Polish. Together, they have two children, Kamilla and Sebastian.

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About us

Ronald & Kasia Gabrielsen have been missionaries for several years and are now based in Lublin, Poland. Before coming to Poland, they were missionaries in Denmark for 10 years, working with evangelism and church planting. In 2014, they moved to Poland after being sent out by Nations Calling.

Short history

Ronald grew up in Norway in a Christian family that had been deeply involved in missionary work even before his birth. He spent his initial 3-4 years in Kenya, where his parents served as missionaries, before being raised in Norway.

Throughout his life, Ronald has been engaged in church and mission work. Early on, he recognized God's call into ministry. In 2002, he began traveling with a mission organization called Euromission, playing bass during their crusades. It wasn't long before he also took on preaching roles. Through this mission, he met his future wife, Kasia.

Soon after their marriage, Ronald and Kasia relocated to Denmark, serving as missionaries for approximately 10 years. Their primary focus during this period was on evangelism and church planting, and they also pastored two different churches.

Towards the end of their stay in Denmark, they developed a close bond with a church named The Jesus Fellowship (Jesusfelleskapet) in Bergen, Norway. This church had held a vision for several years to initiate missionary work in Europe. When Ronald and Kasia began talking about moving to Poland, the church chose to support them. This backing marked the inception of a new missions network named Nations Calling.

In 2014, they relocated to Poland and established the first Nations Calling base. Their work revolved around evangelism and planting churches in Poland. Over the years in Poland, they have been instrumental in church planting, establishing Bible schools in both Poland and Hungary, facilitating mission teams, and spearheading evangelism efforts.

Beyond his ministry in Europe, Ronald frequently journeys to Africa. During these visits, the emphasis lies on leadership training and equipping local believers to preach the Gospel, mirroring the teachings in the Book of Acts. A central objective is to inspire local believers to reach the unreached communities in their native countries.

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