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News update from Poland

Kasia translating for an American missionary at the Street Church' Friday service, and later she was sharing her own testimony ​of how Jesus called her out of the Hare Krishna movement.

They say time flies like an arrow, but I’m not sure if that’s true. After all, an arrow loses its speed the further it goes, but personally, I feel like time is going faster and faster. All that to say, that I finally realized that it was time to give a short update on what is happening here in Poland. As in most other countries, we are also in a “corona crisis.” For us, this means we are having some involuntary time off — but we have chosen to look positively on it. This is, after all, an excellent opportunity to spend more time together as a family.

I was supposed to be both in Norway and Denmark, but have had to cancel both trips. In April, I am planning a trip to South Sudan, but I guess I have to wait and see what happens. Together will other believers all over the world, I am joining in the prayer that this virus will be gone, so let’s keep our faith strong and believe God for a miracle in this situation.

The last months

Besides the corona situation that has been escalating the previous weeks, the last few months have been pretty normal. As I have mentioned in the previous news mail our church have been in a transition period where we have been considering merging with another local church. This has brought with it some challenges, but honestly, I must say it has been much smoother than I expected. As it looks now, the merge will probably be official in September.

Even though joining together also means we have more people on our gatherings, the merge has also created a momentum that has brought totally new people to our fellowship. A few of them have come directly as a result of our live-streaming on Facebook. As new people have been coming, a need for Bible study has arisen. We had planned to start a weekly Bible study this month, but because of the corona situation, we have postponed it to next month.

The work with ICFL (International Christian Fellowship Lublin) has also been going very well, and we are regularly seeing new people come. Some of them have been asking about baptism, so when this whole corona crisis is over, we will probably have a baptisms service.

MacDonald Bible Study

Together with some other English speaking men, we have started to gather every Wednesday for Bible study — and this has been a great experience. We meet at a local McDonalds, and the funny thing is that now those who work there have started to recognize us. A couple of weeks ago, some even came and asked what we where doing — so having a Bible study can also be an evangelistic tool.

What we do is reading through a couple of chapters every week. Then we come together to talk about them. The awesome thing about doing it this way, is that it doesn’t require any preparation time — except reading the Bible. Personally, it has also been an eye-opening experience when it comes to how easy discipleship can be done. It should not be so surprising, but you don’t need any unique discipleship material — the Bible is actually enough.

The Bible School

The last gatherings with the Bible school we have not been teaching. But we have been involved, helping with translating, music, and technical stuff. In February, we also organized a healing conference, and it used the conference to activating the students in praying for the sick. Many have reported that they prayed for people who got healed.

The Bible School has, of course, also been affected by the current corona situation, but since we only gather every third week, it will not change the schedule so much.

A special thank to all you who are supporting us

I want to thank all of you who are following the work we do, and especially those of you who also support financially. Since December the number of graphic jobs has greatly decreased, and this has also affected our financial situation. We are praying that God will open some new doors, or that the situation in some way will work out for good. So we would appreciate it if you would like to join us in prayer for this matter. To know that people are backing us up means a lot to us and I also know that God will richly bless every one of you back.

God Bless You!

— Ronald Gabrielsen

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