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How do people get deceived

Repentance is essential for the Christian faith, but repentance is not a one time event. It's a daily turning away from sin, and the lust of the flesh to rather following the Spirit. The epistle to the Hebrews also specify repentance as "repentance from dead works" and this is an important point. Just as the Jews had rituals they did "to please God", many Christians also have things they do "to please God". But our relationship with God is not based on our works, but what Jesus have already done.

Faith towards God (1/2)

Paul says "... we have access by faith into this grace ..." (Rom 5:2). So, the key that gives us access to the grace and mercy of God is our faith in Jesus Christ. This is why faith is so essential to our Christian life, but what is faith? This is what Ronald is teaching about in this session.

Faith towards God (2/2)

What is faith? For many it is an abstract belif, but the Bible talks about faith as something substantial. It's an assurance that only comes as a result of a revelation, and this revelation is not something you can attain by study — it needs to be given by the Father.

Baptism in water (1/2)

Why do believers need to be baptized in water? What are the requirements for someone who wants to get baptized? And is it important to get baptized with full immersion? These are questions Ronald is answering in this session.

Baptism in water (2/2)

Baptism is important for all believers and the Bible states clearly what the requirements for baptism is. From the the requirements we also see WHEN a person should be baptized. Many treat baptism as a voluntary thing, but the Bible is also clear that it is vital step in receiving

Baptism in the Holy Spirit (1/2)

There are two important baptism for believers — water baptism and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The water baptism separates us from the old life and the baptism in the Holy Spirit empowers us to live the new life.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit (2/2)

The birth of the church started with a baptism in the Holy Spirit, which shows us that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is not a minor theological issue. All believers have the Holy Spirit, but still we see in the Bible that there is a second experience of empowerment available for all believers.

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