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The Baptism in the Holy Ghost is a powerful book about how to release the supernatural power of God. The book also answers many of the common questions people have regarding this topic and shows how the gift of tongues
can be used to tap in to the supernatural realm
of the Spirit.

This is what Xulon Press
says about the book:

The  chapters  are  filled  with  eloquently  written  sentences  that  unite in  thought with the book’s main idea and will educate readers as the author goes step by step through his discussion. The author’s style of writing is very conversational and will act as a relevant guide to readers in understanding his beliefs on the Holy Spirit.

Staying centered in the Bible for his details will prove the legitimacy of the book’s content.

The Baptism in the Holy Ghost offers a unique perspective to assist readers in understanding the belief of speaking in tongues and how this is a accessible gift from God to all Christians. The author takes great care to fully interpret the emergence of speaking in tongues, as found through books in the Bible, so to encourage readers to seek this gift and implement it into their prayer lives.

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